Ellerslie family still awaits county cleanup help after March 3rd tornadoes

Ellerslie family still awaits county cleanup help after March 3rd tornadoes

ELLERSLIE, Ga. (WTVM) - More than three months after severe weather and deadly tornadoes tore through the community, people in Harris County are still struggling just to get debris picked up.

The pile of wood in Beth Price’s yard is huge.

She said she has two choices… pay $2,000 to get it picked up or wait indefinitely for the county to do it.

Price moved into her Ellerslie home nine years ago. She and her family hunkered down in the bathtub as a tornado’s path ran straight through their neighborhood on March 3.

“The Red Cross had flagged our house as one that qualified for disaster assistance,” Price said.

Volunteers helped bring debris to the curb where officials told Price it would be picked up. However, three months later, a pile still stands on her lawn.

“I realize the county has other issues to deal with on top of ours," Price said, "but we’ve been patient. We’re trying to move on. There are people in here still trying to sell house, this is an eyesore. Anybody that comes in this community is not going to want to live next to that.”

Harris County officials said they picked up roadside debris for two weeks.

“There is no schedule per say," said Harris County Manager Randy Dowling. "But our public works guys, all eight of them, and our limited equipment will pick up storm debris as time permits.”

Price said it isn’t acceptable.

“We pay our taxes on time. If I paid my taxes in the manner in which they’re addressing this situation, they’d be moving to seize my property,” said Price.

She’s concerned creatures like snakes and rodents will take up home in the wood pile and possibly harm children playing in the neighborhood. Like everyone else impacted by the storms, Price is trying to move forward, and repair her home and yard. But, she can’t do it on her own.

“I want the county to do the right thing," Price said. "Get out here and get this pile and Brandy’s pile, and get it to the landfill. This wood is too big. We can’t move it.”

The county came and marked this wood by the road with blue paint to show it was from the storm. Price is worried this paint will fade and the wood won’t be picked up.

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