Tenn. men lose boat, get stuck on island, get drunk, shoot at a building, police say

Their drink of choice was rum

Tenn. men lose boat, get stuck on island, get drunk, shoot at a building, police say
Bradford Thacker and John Maxey were arrested after officers had to rescue them from an island. (Source: Knox County Sheriff)

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT/Gray News) - It’s all a pirate’s life until someone pulls out a shotgun.

Two Tennessee men are charged with public intoxication after police say they got stuck on an island, got drunk on rum and fired at buildings across the river.

Officers got a call at 10:30 p.m. Monday of shotgun blasts in the area of an island in the Tennessee River.

They found two men trapped on the island: Bradford Thacker and John Maxe. The duo told officers that Maxey's nephew was with them, but left them stranded when he took off in a boat.

Officers smelled alcohol on Thacker and Maxey's breath and said the pair had bloodshot eyes. They also reported the men slurred their speech and had trouble staying steady on their feet.

They later found a large bottle of Captain Morgan rum nearby.

While officers couldn't find a gun on the island, they did find several spent shotgun shells. They later found a shotgun near the home that they say Thacker and Maxey shot at.

Investigators say Maxey's nephew was with the two men as they shot the building, but left at some point in a boat. The boy said he couldn't get back to the island and washed ashore on the other side of the river.

He called his family to pick him up.

Officers did not issue a citation to the boy because he was intoxicated and a danger to himself.

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