Mother of 9-year-old Columbus boy injured in shooting speaks on his condition

Mother of 9-year-old Columbus boy injured in shooting speaks on his condition

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - A Columbus teen is facing charges after allegedly shooting a nine-year-old boy on Andrea Drive.

Police say the 14-year old boy had a stolen gun from a car, but its unclear how the boy got the gun.

Major J.D Hawk says through a number of interviews with the juvenile and people at the scene, police were able to determine what to charge him with.

“The juvenile was charged with aggravated battery, possession of a firearm during the commission of a crime, possession of a firearm by a minor, and two counts of reckless conduct,”said Hawk.

Hawk said they aren’t calling the shooting an accident even though it may have seemed unintentional.

“You can say it’s unintentional but you still have committed a crime when you’ve injured that person so it could have been accidental, but you can still get charged," Hawk said.

The nine-year-old’s mother, Tameika Stinson, said he can’t talk right now while he’s on a ventilator.

She said the bullet punctured his liver, kidney, colon and spinal cord which are being watched very closely.

“They are looking at his spinal because of this third vertebra it fractured it. So, they are looking at that and they are going to put a brace around him to like sit him up. They are looking at the vertebra in the back because he can’t wiggle his toes. The only thing he can do is barely move is legs,”said Stinson.

Stinson said she thanks God that her other children in the home knew what to do when her son was shot.

“My daughter, my 11-year old, was like don’t move him, don’t move him, don’t move him, not knowing that his spinal was fractured. But I thank God she said don’t move him and they were asking him if he was alright, trying to keep him alert,”said Stinson.

Hawk said parents need to teach their children if they see a gun laying around to walk away and tell an adult to prevent tragic incidents like this.

“It happens when parents don’t lock up their weapons and a child plays with a gun. People steal guns and they may take them over to their friends and show them off and they accidentally go off and somebody’s injured or killed,” said Hawk.

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