Phenix City Mayor’s Ball raises 160K for local students

Phenix City Mayor’s Ball raises 160K for local students

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - An evening of dining, dancing, and dressing up. Plus, it is all for a good cause- What could be better? On Saturday, Phenix City residents gathered for Mayor Eddie Lowe and his wife’s Annual Ball.

The Phenix City Mayor’s Ball is a charity event to help with scholarship funding for the city’s graduating seniors from Central High School, Glenwood, and Russell County High. Leaders say they aim to make sure that high school seniors in the community can always have an opportunity to further their education and become successful.

Mayor Lowe says he is so proud of how Phenix City has stepped in and partnered with them to make this possible.

“It’s something that my wife and I talked about six years ago, we wanted to be able to do something to bless our young people in our communities and we started this Mayor’s ball. We’re so thankful because we’ve been able, through the grace of God and through contributors, to bless a lot of kids,” said Mayor Eddie Lowe.

One scholarship recipient says knowing his city has his back is what keeps him going.

“Knowing that I acquired a scholarship from my city motivated me as I went on to college. It takes a lot of hard work and I think sometimes students don’t get the recognition for the work they do in their city, so being able to be awarded for your academics meant a lot for me. When I went to move on to academics in college, it kind of motivated me saying I know my city is supporting me on this so I have to continue to be great," said Eric Robinson Jr., a former scholarship recipient.

According to Mayor Lowe, the event ended up raising more than $159,000 for the scholarship fund this year.

He did it! We did it! Our community did it! The 6th Annual Committee challenged Mayor Lowe that if we raised $150,000 new money, that he would dance in public for the 1st time EVER!!!!!! #SweatingBullets #DidntEvenDanceAtHisWeddingToHisBelovedSweetheart #Nervous #Shaking #RollTide #RollTiger Please congratulate Mayor Lowe on his dance! He did it! 🤩🤩🤩 $159,000 plus and counting raised for the children & charities in Phenix City. #PCMB2019 #PCMBBlackTie #PCMBStyle

Posted by The Honorable Eddie Lowe - Mayor of Phenix City, Al on Sunday, June 16, 2019

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