Pit bull ‘hijacks’ police officer’s patrol car

Man’s best friend?

Pit bull ‘hijacks’ police officer’s patrol car
A Kilgore, Texas, police officer was trying to round up an aggressive pit bull over the weekend, when he got outsmarted by the canine. (Source: Kilgore, Texas, Police Department/Facebook)

KILGORE, Texas (Gray News) – The life of a police officer is never boring.

A Kilgore police officer was trying to round up a stray pit bull over the weekend when he got outsmarted by the canine.

The officer thought he could quickly capture it without calling animal control.

“He opened his back door and tried to coax the critter into the back seat, which is caged. In his haste, the officer also left the driver's door open,” a post on the Kilgore Police Department’s Facebook page said. “Cujo decided he wasn't going to jail and instead jumped into the front seat.”

The officer encouraged the dog to get out, but when it became aggressive, he shut the door so neither one of them would get hurt.

“The officer's car had been hijacked!!! This critter wasn't coming out,” the post said. “He was now enjoying the A/C and the officer’s beef jerky.”

Things get serious when a police officer’s beef jerky is a risk. No one was pleased, it seemed.

“He ain’t, and neither am I,” the officer texted to dispatch, along with a picture of the ‘smiling’ dog making itself at home in the front of the patrol car.

PSA- Found dog. Officer was dispatched on a animal control call (Aggressive Pitbull). Since we don't have 24/7 Animal...

Posted by Kilgore Police Department on Saturday, June 15, 2019

In the end, everything turned out OK.

An animal control officer soon arrived at the scene and took Cujo into custody.

“The only injury sustained in this incident was to the officers pride,” the department’s post said.

And maybe his beef jerky.

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