WTVM Editorial 6-17-19: Boycott hypocrisy

WTVM Editorial 6-17-19: Boycott hypocrisy

(WTVM) - When Georgia Governor Brian Kemp signed the state’s new, strict “heartbeat” abortion law into effect, Hollywood immediately called for a massive boycott of Georgia’s thriving TV and movie industry.

A-list and D-list celebrities alike, want to punish Georgia’s 92,000 production company workers, who are just trying to make a living on the set, because of politics.

The Hollywood elite may have hoped the threat of an economic boycott would scare Georgia lawmakers into rescinding the new abortion law, but the law doesn’t actually go into effect until January, and it will most certainly go to court, maybe even as high as the Supreme Court.

In the meantime, it seems more than a little hypocritical for celebrities to punish Georgia’s film industry, yet not protest countries like China and Saudi Arabia, both highly discriminatory towards women, and both huge financial players behind the scenes in Hollywood.

The same movie industry bankrolled by these countries is mostly supporting the boycott, which threatens the livelihood of Georgia’s film workers.

Those jobs translate into billions of dollars for Georgia’s economy, statewide.

A Hollywood boycott of Georgia won’t change the abortion law, but would hurt the very workers behind many recent box office mega-hits, like “Black Panther” and The Avengers movies, and more, all filmed in Georgia.

The boycott would punish Georgia entertainment workers by forcing some crew members to relocate to Hollywood, at huge expense.

The cost of living in the Los Angeles, California area is 40.4 percent higher than in Atlanta, a startling cost that would effectively cut the crew members’ pay almost in half, compared to what the same salaries can buy in Georgia.

The Hollywood hypocrisy of doing business with countries who are major villains when it comes to women’s rights and instead seeking to punish Georgia’s film industry workers, should be reason enough to call an end to the boycott.

Then it will be up to the courts, not just the loudest celebrities, to decide the fate of Georgia’s new abortion law.

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