Fisherman finds 2 human legs in Pa. river

2 severed legs found in Pa. river

WILLIAMSPORT, Pa. (WNEP/CNN) - A fisherman in Pennsylvania made a frightening and gruesome discovery along the Susquehanna Rive: Two human legs.

Now, the coroner and state police are trying to figure out who the legs belonged to and how they ended up in the river.

The coroner says the legs were found on the evening of May 11.

The legs were cut at the knee, believed to be with a thin-blade handheld saw.

They think they belonged to a female because the toes were painted pink. The feet had white socks with Polo brand jeans and R-L on them above a red, white and blue flag. Investigators think they are Ralph Lauren brand.

Investigators said since no one was reported missing in the area, there is a possibility the legs belonged to a person who was killed somewhere else. They think the person was killed about six months prior to the discovery of the legs.

They searched the river extensively, but couldn't find any other remains.

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