KFC launches Cheetos chicken sandwich

It’s “dangerously cheesy” and “finger-lickin’ good”

KFC is launching a Cheetos chicken sandwich across America

(Gray News) – If Colonel Sanders and Chester Cheetah had a child, this would be it.

Kentucky Fried Chicken will debut its new KFC Cheetos chicken sandwich on July 1.

It includes everything you would expect - a chicken filet with plenty of Cheetos, mayo and, for good measure, Cheetos sauce, a press release said.

"For years, people have been creating their own versions of a Cheetos-fied sandwich at home and now the fried chicken experts at KFC are launching the Cheetos Sandwich across the U.S. and giving fans the cheesy, crispy crunch that they’ll love," the release said.

If this “dangerously cheesy” and “finger-lickin’ good” combination sounds good to you, don’t wait too long. It will only be available for four weeks.

The KFC announcement comes just a week after the fast food chain said it was rolling out a meat-free version of its signature chicken sandwich called "The Imposter."

For now, it’s only available in the U.K. as part of a four-week test run that started on Monday.

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