Man keeps promise, turns himself in after getting more than 15K likes on police Facebook wanted poster

Man turns himself in to police are getting 15K likes

TORRINGTON, Conn. (WTIC/CNN) - A man in Connecticut who said he’d turn himself in to police if his wanted poster got 15,000 likes on Facebook did not keep his word, at least not initially.

Jose Simms, 30, who told police he is homeless, now has a place to stay, but it's a jail cell.

"Based on the most recent history here, I'm not confident that he's going to show up when he supposed to," said Hon. Paul Matasavage, of the Torrington Superior Court.

Simms was arraigned on seven failure-to-appear charges stemming from arrests ranging from breach of peace to risk of injury to a child.

He turned himself in on Tuesday.

“He told me this morning that he didn’t think it was going to go any further than Torrington,” said Lt. Bart Barown, of the Torrington Police Department. “We had numerous comments on our Facebook page. Over 1,700 comments and I know of one particular one, the person was from Australia.”

The post actually received almost 30,000 likes, but Simms didn't keep his word.

But it was Simms who contacted police when he saw other fugitives’ wanted posters on their Facebook page and he said, “where’s mine.”

"We've never had anybody that bold to come forward," Barown said.

Simms is due back in court Thursday to answer to his charges.

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