Major flooding affects millions in US

Major flooding, severe weather affects millions

(CNN) – Friday is the first day of summer. However, parts of the country are getting pounded with storms, and millions of people in a number of states probably won’t see much sun this weekend.

Major downpours have left several states soggy.

"It was seeping in. Our basement is completely flooded,” said Jessica Archer, a resident of Westville, New Jersey. “So, it was coming in through there. That goes right in the kitchen, so the whole house is completely flooded."

Traffic on a New Jersey highway was also hampered by high waters.

In Mercer County, Ohio, roadways transformed into rivers. Some residents have been forced to flee their homes.

"It's pretty frustrating,” said Jack Evans, a resident of Celina, Ohio. “I can deal with it better than the neighbors can. It actually goes through their houses, so they have a lot of cleanup."

About 80 miles away, in Prospect, Ohio, another round of flooding has caused heartache.

“The rain, I don’t understand, but a lot of rain has come,” said Prospect resident Jim Wallace. “Our farmers are really bad. They got 30 percent of their crop in this area, and they’ve lost it.”

Michigan is also dealing with the aftermath of heavy rains.

The field turf on Western Michigan University’s Waldo Stadium was swamped by inches of rainwater, and it will take a while to recover.

The National Weather Service said Friday brings the threat of thunderstorms, hail, wind gusts and more rain to the North Central Plains through the Tennessee Valley.

Meanwhile, the Southern Plains and the Southeast could see isolated storms, with temperatures five to 10 degrees warmer than usual for the first weekend of summer.

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