Elementary school time in Muscogee Co. remains the same for upcoming school year

Elementary school time in Muscogee Co. remains the same for upcoming school year

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - Proposed changes to elementary school days in Muscogee County have taken a detour after an unexpected decision from the school board on Monday.

The plan initially was for the school board to vote on the proposal from Superintendent David Lewis Monday, but after collecting information from parents and people in the community, the vote was pulled from the agenda. No vote does mean a decision for the upcoming school year.

“There will be no changes this school year,” says Communications Director Mercedes Parham.

After a brief discussion between board members to possibly add 15 minutes to the elementary school day across Muscogee County, the board voted to pull the vote off the agenda.

“It was pulled off the agenda for further consideration as we have more time with parents and teachers who weren’t able to access the survey or be able to properly give feedback the way they were intended. It just gives everyone a little more time,” says Parham.

“Going forward, we’ll have additional time to study and research it further and bring it back and bring it back for next year,” Lewis explains.

This comes after Lewis originally postponed the vote on the proposal on May 13 due to objections from board members and the recommendation for public input on the proposal. The input differs from parents and teachers.

“It was mixed. There were different points that people wanted to consider. Because of that, I think it’s best for us to go back and revisit it and give full feedback,” Parham explains.

The school district says there will soon be new ways to get parent input on what should happen for the 2020-2021 school year.

“We will need to recalibrate and determine how we want to do feedback so that will take some time and we’ll announce it to the public,” says Parham.

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