Columbus State students complete internship by working on ‘The Long Night’

Columbus State students complete internship by working on ‘The Long Night’
CSU students earn internship credit working on 'The Long Night' (Source: Columbus State University)

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - Ten Columbus State University students have completed another step in their degree program by working on a Bruce Willis movie that was recently filmed in Columbus.

The executive producer of ‘The Long Night,’ Alex Eckert worked with the university to place student interns in roles that would benefit them in their career goals.

“We were pleased to be the first film project to secure funding from the newly created Columbus Film Fund and to offer this valuable opportunity for students at CSU to earn course credit, while also gaining real world experience in film production,” Eckert said.

Student interns earned six credit hours for their participation that ranged from two weeks to a month. Some of the students are pursuing communication degrees with a concentration in film production while others are obtaining a film certificate to coincide with their degree.

“I got to do everything from locations to picking up talent from the airport and moving them to their trailers, lighting, running sides and call sheets,” said Matthew Westlake, a junior communication major at CSU. “It was a bunch of controlled chaos, but the best chaos I’ve ever been a part of.”

Westlake says one of his favorite parts of the internship was seeing how the writers accounted for unexpected weather by making changes to the script.

Poppy Hardaway, a marketing major, had the opportunity to to see the business and logistics of the film in the production and accounting offices.

“I like to be organized, so I enjoyed working with the line producer. It was a lot of organization. They handle issues as they occur, manage budgeting and scheduling. They have to know a little bit about everything,” said Hardaway. “The knowledge that I have received in this internship has prepared me and given me the confidence to go out there and pursue more opportunities.”

‘The Long Night’ filmed in Columbus in early June.

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