Drivers caught on camera doing doughnuts on Detroit freeway

Police arrested one suspected driver

DETROIT (WXYZ/CNN) – Drivers in Detroit were recorded on a freeway doing dangerous tricks and blocking traffic over the weekend.

They took off as soon as they saw flashing police lights.

"We will not tolerate anyone taking over any freeway or any public street in the city of Detroit," said Detroit Police Chief James Craig.

But that’s exactly what happened late Friday night, as several people driving Dodge Chargers and Challengers stopped their cars on the Lodge Freeway, paralyzing traffic, as some even got out of their vehicles and others did doughnuts across the lanes.

"We don't tolerate it,” said Detroit City Councilman Andre Spivey. “It's disrespectful, unacceptable, and we won't have it."

It was Spivey who alerted Craig about the video Saturday morning.

It didn’t take long for police to locate one of the suspected drivers. Police said that driver, a 25-year-old man from Canton, Mich., was not only involved in shutting down the freeway, but also in similar incidents around the city.

Police said his vehicle was impounded and he was arrested for not having a driver’s license.

“And as we do the forensic work on that car, if we find that there’s any criminality with that vehicle, you will never see that vehicle again,” Craig said.

The man was also issued a number of citations, and could face more charges as police continue to investigate his involvement and six other vehicles they said they’ve identified.

Police said the woman who recorded the video is facing backlash from her friends because it helped police identify possible suspects.

"We're asking the people that are breaking the law, please continue to post yourselves on social media,” said 1st Lt. Michael Shaw with Michigan State Police. “Please continue to post your face on social media. Post all the illegal activity that you're continuing to do.”

Police added that they’ll utilize their air support if necessary to stop reckless drivers.

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