Unlicensed dentist and ill-fitting dentures caused woman’s oral cancer, police say

DELRAY BEACH, Fla. (WPTV/CNN) - A woman’s stage 3 oral cancer may have been caused by dentures that didn’t fit properly, and the man who provided them isn’t even a licensed dentist.

Police said this is Julian Saldarriaga’s second arrest for performing dental procedures without a proper license at J and D Dental Laboratory.

Police got involved after an 83-year-old woman ill-fitted for dentures noticed sores and lesions.

“She said that her current doctor said that it was likely that the sores in her mouth were cancer caused by the work that he had done. Detectives got involved right away,” said Delray Beach Police Dani Moschella.

Saldarriaga faces two third-degree felonies for practicing and using dental equipment without a license and a first-degree misdemeanor for advertising.

His ad in a newspaper specifically targeted seniors.

Police said even worse, the victim knew Saldarriaga was not a dentist. He requested only cash for services.

“He had affordable dentures,” Moschella said.

Police want anyone else treated by Saldarriaga to contact them.

“We need to know exactly what type of reach this man had in the community,” Moschella said.

The woman had surgery and is undergoing radiation treatment.

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