Wanda Lamb, aka the Bang Bang Lady, rings in Fourth of July with News Leader 9

Brennan Bang Bang Lady

SEALE, Ala. (WTVM) - Fireworks stores across the Chattahoochee Valley are relishing in their high amount business around the Fourth of July holiday, including Fireworks Outlet in Seale, Ala.

Fireworks Outlet is more likely known as the home of the iconic Wanda Lamb, who is better known as the Bang Bang Lady.

If you still don’t recognize Lamb, you’ll surely know her commercials for the store with her catchphrase, “Bang bang, that’s hot.”

Lamb says that with fireworks recently becoming legal in the state of Georgia, Fireworks Outlet has seen a bit of an impact on their business, but sales remain high.

“Sparklers, anything that goes up in the air, high, colorful, loud firecrackers. You name it, they want it," said Lamb.

But she does have a few safety reminders for those who plan to set off fireworks.

“If it’s homemade, do not mess with it, please. Don’t throw sparkler sticks on the ground; the metal ones, they’re hot. Kids step on them, they’ll burn their feet,” said the Bang Bang Lady.

Lamb started out as a cashier before quickly being promoted to the face of Fireworks Outlet.

The store has about 240 different types of fireworks available in the store.

If you’re planning on shooting off fireworks on your own this weekend, be safe and make sure you know the laws for your area.

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