Want to build savings? Where you live plays role

Best, worst cities to build savings

(CNN) - We’re halfway through the year, and if saving is still your goal, the next six months are key.

How much you save may be directly related to where you live, according to a survey by Bankrate.com.

The report lists the best and worst metro areas to build a six-month emergency fund.

The survey looked at the cost of housing and living expenses and annual take-home pay.

Memphis was the best. Cincinnati and Cleveland round out the top three.

The survey found that people living in those three metro areas had the potential to save the most than in other cities, roughly $15,000 per year.

Meanwhile, the hardest metro area for locals to build a rainy-day fund is San Jose, Calif.

After San Jose, three other Golden State cities make up the list: San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego.

According to the survey, people living in these cities spend the most on living expenses and have a harder time building their savings.

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