13-year-old girl fights off attempted kidnapper near N.Y. home

LONG ISLAND, N.Y. (WPIX/CNN) - After surveillance footage showed a 13-year-old fight off an attempted abductor near her New York home, police arrested a man in connection to the attack.

Police say a man has been arrested after he allegedly grabbed the teenage girl, who has not been identified, from behind and put his hand over her mouth Tuesday near her Long Island, N.Y., home.

"He was trying to take me somewhere or something like that," the teenager said.

The 13-year-old says the man began following her from Lawrence Road Middle School, where she attends summer school. As she approached her home, the man started chasing her, grabbed her from behind and put his hand over her mouth, according to police.

“I was screaming. I was trying to defend myself,” the victim said. “He tried stopping me from screaming. He grabbed my neck because I had to bend my back because he was trying to still cover my mouth.”

The girl struggled and was initially able to escape his grasp, but the suspect grabbed her again and tried to drag her behind parked cars, police say.

Surveillance video shows the 13-year-old fight off the suspect once more then frantically bang on a door, said to be that of her home. A family member is seen confronting the alleged abductor on the home’s lawn.

Authorities say the man fled on foot. He didn’t speak a word during the attack.

Police arrested a man in connected to the alleged abduction attempt Wednesday afternoon. No other details were given at the time.

“She fought for her life. She was able to get home, and she was able to call us. We were able to do our job and apprehend this individual, and now, this individual is off the streets of this neighborhood,” said Detective Mike Bitsko.

The teenager advises others to be careful because “you don’t know what kind of people could be there.”

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