‘I’m so fed up,’ says 7-Eleven owner after confronting men who stole beer

‘God I'm so fed up,’ says 7-Eleven owner after confronting men who stole beer

MIAMI (WSVN/CNN) - A South Florida convenience store owner said she's tired of thieves stealing from her business.

On July 4, Lauri Mason decided to go after a pair of crooks who walked out of the store with several cases of beer.

It was all caught on camera.

"I was just yelling at them, I was angry,” she said. “’Who are you to not have to pay for your stuff.‘"

Mason said she was sick and tired of people who steal.

"God I'm so fed up," she said.

She was so fed up that when the pair made a beer run without paying, the store owner ran after them.

"It's not even the money, it's that they go away with that while other people have to pay," Mason said.

The incident happened at the 7-Eleven where Mason said there's quite a history of crimes caught on camera.

"These are people who have shoplifted," she said.

Using her surveillance video, she often prints pictures of offenders and posts them on the wall of shame.

The pair who were dressed in black and wearing hats, will be the newest faces featured.

It was around 3:30 p.m. when Mason heard big boxes of beer coming out of the cooler.

"It's happened before so when I heard the one, the two, the three, the four, I knew something wasn't right," she said.

The men carted away with five cases of beer and after a moment of making like they were going to pay, darted out the door.

"And I went after them," she said.

Mason held on to the guy with the biggest haul. He dropped a case in the struggle but wasn't about to leave it behind.

The pair then took off in a car with no tags.

“Everyone else has to pay so what gives you the right to take whatever you want out of somebody’s store?” Mason said. “Now I have to pay for it. I’m the owner, I just bought their beer for the holiday. You know, it’s not fair.”

The pictures aren't very clear but Mason is hoping someone will recognize the thieves so they can pay for their crime.

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