Chattahoochee Valley teens halfway through Planet Fitness’ Teen Summer Challenge

Chattahoochee Valley teens halfway through Planet Fitness’ Teen Summer Challenge

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - A recent survey by the Department of Health and Human Services says 80 percent of Americans do not meet the recommended amount of physical activity per day. Planet Fitness is halfway through their “Teen Summer Challenge”, which is part of a national initiative focusing on the health of teenagers.

Teenagers are invited to workout at any area Planet Fitness for free through September 1st.

Lauren Cruickshank is one of tens of thousands of teens participating in the “Teen Summer Challenge” across the southeast.

“Challenge myself this summer and do something a little different," Cruickshank said.

Planet Fitness Assistant Manager Virginia Johnson said they have more than 100 participants at the Milgen Rd. location alone.

“I’ve been seeing some of the teens that come in with their friends and stuff, but actually been dragging their parents in and it’s been really making me feel good because some of the parents might be a little overweight or didn’t have the motivation to come without their child,” Johnson said.

Trainer Blease White says this program gives teens the chance to be in a gym with staff to show them how to do things correctly so they are able to better themselves mentally and physically.

“I kind of treat them like a piece of coal so, the more stress and press and power and heat you put on coal, it becomes diamond and I’m pretty much informing that they are becoming a diamond," White explained.

Cruickshank says she enjoys working out with people her age.

“It’s better to be healthy now that you’re young because the older you get, it’s harder. My mom always told me you want to work out before you’re 13 because when you get to 13 your metabolism and your body just changes. So, if you get started now, it’s easier the older you get to keep on going," Cruickshank said.

Johnson said coming to the gym can help with focusing and relieving stress at any age.

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