Fight over vomit in Uber ends with driver fatally shooting passenger, police say

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KOAT/CNN) - Police in New Mexico released body cam video from the investigation into the shooting death of a passenger in an Uber.

Clayton Benedict, the Uber driver, has been charged with multiple crimes, including second-degree murder and an alternate charge of manslaughter.

It happened on a busy freeway on St. Patrick's Day, after one of the passengers vomited in the car.

In the video released Tuesday, police can be seen pulling up on the scene of the car parked next to the freeway. With guns drawn, they quickly see a man is on the ground by the car.

They call paramedics then talk to the driver, who is put in the back of a patrol car.

Police ask Benedict if he's OK. Investigators say he was driving two passengers across town, when one of them threw up.

Police reports in the case say Benedict told passenger James Porter there would be a cleanup fee because his buddy vomited. Benedict and Porter argued.

Then the driver pulled over on the side of the freeway and told the passengers to get out.

Benedict told officers he pulled out his gun after Porter threw his shoes and sunglasses at him then threatened to take the car and run him over.

"Did you see anybody fire the gun?" asks an officer in the video.

"I am the one who discharged the firearm," Benedict replies.

"OK, so there's no other guns involved?"


At one point during the investigation, police have another man in the back of a police car. He's wearing a St. Paddy's Day necklace.

Another video shows the driver, now in white police coveralls, getting out of a patrol car during nighttime.

Prosecutors filed charges against Benedict last week.

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