Thomasville police rescue baby raccoons, collect donations for local refuge

Thomasville police rescue baby raccoons, collect donations for local refuge
The Thomasville Police Department recently rescued raccoons. (Source: WCTV)

THOMASVILLE, Ga. (WCTV) - Baby raccoons rescued by the Thomasville Police Department (TPD) officers are now safe and sound in the hands of Lorraine Conklin’s wildlife refuge.

The one-week-old raccoons were discovered curled up in a tree that fell over in Thomasville.

"Officers collected the baby raccoons and gave Ms. Conklin a call, so we took them out there and got them settled into their new place for a while," said TPD officer Crystal Parker.

The refuge has been a haven for hundreds of wild animals, but has seen better days.

"Due to the hurricane last October, she had a lot of damage to her property and all the animal enclosures that she has out there, so that ate up a lot of her budget for this year," said Parker.

Hurricane Michael ripped out trees and crushed enclosures. Many are still piled on the property.

"I removed the one that I really needed to remove right away because animals were in it and that cost me $5,000," said Conklin.

Instead of it’s one annual fundraiser, Conklin knows it won’t be enough.

“I need to pay the vet bills, the surgeries, the medications and the food,” said Conklin.

Like any call for help, Thomasville Police were ready to respond and with donations.

“I was surprised, very pleased and thankful,” said Conklin.

"Why not do something to help the animal rescue since this woman gives so much of her time and basically her whole life is devoted to these animals," said Parker.

With the community's help, they hope to restore the refuge and continue care for it's biggest and tiniest visitors.

Donations can be dropped off at the front office of the police department on Smith Avenue.

To donate supplies, Conklin is requesting items like wet or dry dog or cat food, and goat milk.

For questions about how else you can help, contact Parker at

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