Loggerhead sea turtle nests increasing on Tybee Island

Loggerhead sea turtle nests increasing on Tybee Island

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - Loggerhead sea turtles are having an record breaking year in Georgia, and it’s only halfway through nesting season.

The Georgia Department of Natural Resources says the state just topped 3,500 nests. Little Tybee and Tybee Island actually have some of the lower numbers of nests in the state. They only recorded 25 nests this season, but that is a major milestone.

According to Tybee Sea Turtle Coordinator Tammy Smith, 20 years ago, they only had three nests a year. Now, decades of coastal conservation efforts are paying off for the turtles.

“Loggerheads are listed as threatened at the federal level, endangered at the state level. They are slowly making a comeback. That’s very good news, and what we want to see. Hopefully, it just brings awareness to people so they can know that we need to protect or we are going to lose it," Smith said.

Limiting use of flashlights and keeping the beaches dark is one of the biggest conservation efforts Smith credits. There is still time for Tybee to see more nests this summer. Typically, the season runs through the middle of August.

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