MILITARY MATTERS: Ft. Benning Army brigade simulating tactical training

MILITARY MATTERS: Ft. Benning Army brigade simulating tactical training

FORT BENNING, Ga. (WTVM) - Army training is the focus at Fort Benning. And one brigade is preparing for intense combat situations that could arise as they advise our foreign partners.

News Leader 9 recently had the chance to go behind-the-scenes during their training, where there was plenty of gunfire.

“We just want to make sure our guys are trained for anything," Staff Sgt. Matthew Frank told us.

These soldiers on Fort Benning dealt with a simulated attack during intense training. In this scenario, they had a comrade injured badly and had to treat them. The goal: refresh their skills and prepare these combat advisors for the worst case scenario.

“The security force assistance brigade is a new type of unit that deliberately goes out in small teams, works with our foreign powers to increase their capabilities," LTC Nicholas Melin said. “The resources available at Fort Benning, whether it’s mannequins that actually bleed or all the training resources are just right to help us work through our training.”

Leaders with the 1st Security Force Assistance Brigade say they want to make their training a little tougher than may see in an actual war situation.

“Anytime you get to perform in an environment you can’t control, it helps you to refine your decision making," CPT Jay Beeman, Advisor Team Leader said.

These advisors are tested here on how they handle stressful situations - then eventually measured based on the performance of foreign security forces they work with, like Afghan partners.

“What we focus on is making it more and more complex, gauge their reactions, and if we feel like there needs to be improvements, we do a different scenario and increase the intensity," Staff Sgt. Frank explained.

LTC Melin added, “These are soldiers and leaders who deployed to Afghanistan last year and advised our Afghan partners. They’ve come back. They’re a very senior team.”

The situational tactical exercise is just part of training for this brigade on Fort Benning which has 61 advisor teams to help others in combat.

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