Intruder gunned down after stabbing man’s father, police say

Responding officers found the body floating in a backyard pool

Intruder gunned down after stabbing man’s father, police say
A burglary suspect was shot and killed after he broke into a family's home and stabbed the owner several times. (Source: San Diego Police Department)

SAN DIEGO (Gray News) - Officers weren’t surprised to find a gunshot victim when they responded to a home in the Lake Shore Drive area of San Diego Tuesday morning.

A woman had already called to report an intruder attacking her husband and her son using a gun to save his father.

Even so, it’s not every day police find bullet-riddled remains floating in a swimming pool. Police didn’t identify the deceased but described him to KSWB as a 38-year-old white man.

They don’t believe the suspect and the family knew each other.

Lt. Anthony Dupree told The San Diego Union-Tribune that the deceased had broken into the family’s home. When confronted by the 54-year-old homeowner, the suspect stabbed him several times in his upper body.

The man’s 20-year-old son grabbed a gun and opened fire on the suspect when he saw what was happening.

Several bullets found the intruder. He ran from the home but failed to get off the property before collapsing in the pool.

Authorities described the father’s condition as stable. They transported him to a local hospital for treatment.

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