Key witnesses take the stand in Deonn Carter murder trial

Deonn Carter Murder Trial

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - Nearly three years after beloved Columbus man Deonn Carter was shot during a robbery, one of the five suspects charged in his murder is facing a Muscogee County jury.

Tyquez Davis is one of five suspects accused of a string of burglaries in Columbus from 2016. He is the only defendant who pled not guilty to all of the 15 charges against him, including the murder of well-known community member Deonn Carter.

Today, the lead detective on the case Robert Nicholas took the stand. He shared details about the initial robbery and walked the jury through the entire alleged crime spree.

“It was at that point she realized her vehicle was missing,” Nicholas said.

Nicholas started by showing the jury a video. Davis is reportedly seen on surveillance footage taking a white SUV from a hospital parking lot.

Detective Robert Nicholas then brought in someone from the Phenix City Police Department to take the stand. That officer spoke about a burglary and shooting at Michael Miller’s home, where the same stolen SUV was seen.

The victim of that burglary also took the stand today, with complete certainty.

“Do you see the person who started shooting at you in the courtroom today?” Assistant District Attorney George Lipscomb asked.

“Oh yes,” Miller said.

“Would you point him out to jurors and describe what you see?” Lipscomb asked.

“Mr. Davis right there," Miller said while pointing to the suspect. "He had a red shirt on that day also but it had black in it.”

“Do you have any doubt that the man that shot you is sitting over there at that table?” Lipscomb asked.

“No,” Miller stated.

Miller used a Facebook live video to show officials who shot him. The state used that video today hoping to prove Davis stole not only the SUV but the jury could see a weapon in the video as well.

After showing almost two hours of video and questioning witnesses, court adjourned for the day. Closing arguments are expected to begin in the murder trial tomorrow.

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