Video: Naked man walks into Vermont store, buys coffee

BENNINGTON, Vt. (WPTZ/Hearst/CNN) - The owners of a specialty grocery store in Vermont got a little more exposure than they bargained for, all thanks to a carefree customer.

With hot temperatures across the region, folks looking to cool down might stop in Bringing You Vermont, grabbing an iced coffee and tasting the many maple syrups for sale.

On Wednesday, a customer got perhaps a little too comfortable.

“It’s a first time for me. It doesn’t happen that often, I tell you,” storeowner Ryan Hassett said.

The store’s security footage laid out the bare-naked incident.

A man from Pennsylvania casually walked into the store, asking where the coffee is, and strolling out with his java.

Hassett said his daughter was the calm and collected gal at the register.

“My daughter directed him to where the coffee was. He got a cup of coffee,” he said.

With a fresh cup of joe in hand, the naked man lingered maybe a little too long.

“He asked if there was a good place to go swimming. She directed him toward a swimming area. He paid for his coffee and out the door he went,” Hassett said.

Though its not illegal to be naked in public in Bennington, Hassett said he hopes there wont be a wave of nude customers.

“I have no problem with somebody acting natural and stuff. I’m not encouraging people to come into our establishment au naturel,” he said. “It’s great to get Bringing You Vermont’s name out there, but this is definitely a first for us.”

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