Murder suspect out of jail on own recognizance bond; confined to Ft. Benning

Murder suspect out of jail on own recognizance bond; confined to Ft. Benning

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - A Columbus man charged with murder is out of jail without having to pay a cent. He was released but didn’t have to pay any bail money at all.

Quardarrius Strong is charged with murder in the death of Ronnie Brooks Jr. Since his arrest, he was released on his own recognizance. Typically own recognizance bonds are given in traffic matters and minor crimes, not murder.

After spending three months in jail, Strong was released and is now confined to Fort Benning.

Police said Strong drove Brooks to the hospital after he was shot February 8. On April 3, Strong was charged with his murder, and just a few weeks ago, let out of jail on his word alone.

“He has a condition,” said defense attorney William Kendrick. "He is still active duty military. So, he has a condition that he stays on Fort Benning and basically be confined to the barracks.”

Fort Benning’s public affairs office responded with this statement:

Fort Benning is aware of the current charges filed in civilian court against Quardarrius Strong, his subsequent release on bond, and the presumption of innocence until proven guilty. His chain of command continues to maintain his accountability for duty as it does with all assigned soldiers.

When News Leader 9 asked the assistant district attorney on the case how a murder suspect with previous charges, including aggravated assault and trafficking meth, could be released from jail on his word alone, the prosecutor said he could not comment on an active case.

However, he did say the army is in the process of chaptering Strong out of the military and another court hearing will be held to determine the next steps for Strong, since once he’s out of the army, he cannot be confined to base.

Kendrick said Strong’s actions, bringing Brooks to the hospital, show the opposite intention of murder. “I don’t think there was ever an assumption or ever even a thought that Mr. Strong was the individual that inflicted the wounds that caused this individuals death,” he said.

It’s expected to take about eight weeks for Strong to be processed out of the Army. News Leader 9 will continue to bring you updates as he returns back to the courtroom.

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