Yard waste pickup in Columbus extended due to backlog

Yard waste pickup in Columbus extended due to backlog

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - The city of Columbus and the Department of Public Works say they are extending their pickup hours until August 10 in order to catch up on a backlog of yard waste.

Yard waste pickup will still take place on regularly scheduled days, but the addition of Wednesdays and Saturdays to the rotation should allow more waste to be collected.

The plan is to extend hours Monday through Saturday from 7:30 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. Columbus Mayor Skip Henderson says they received permission to keep prisoners out a little longer to get things done.

“Our intention is to get back caught up, so if you put your yard waste out and for whatever reason it’s not picked up on that day, don’t bring it back in, leave it there, we’re coming back, probably the very next day to pick it back up," said Henderson.

Henderson says their goal is to not overwork the drivers and prisoners nor mitigate any overtime.

“We will stagger the drivers, so the drivers that come in, in the morning will leave at their regular time but the other drivers that will pick the evening runs will come in a little bit later," said Henderson.

Henderson says a few active months of weather-related incidents may have played a factor.

"I think one of the problems we are dealing with right now is the impact on our equipment of running 24-7 really. We’ve had storms in March, May and then again in June, so we never really had time to recover and get our vehicles serviced to the point that they needed to,” said Henderson.

The city requested that homeowners associations in neighborhoods not take disciplinary measures against residents for leaving yard waste at their curb.

“Hey, I love it. He’s my councilor, I live in his district,” said Henderson of Davis’ efforts.

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