Ohio teen makes miraculous recovery 7 months after brutal baseball bat beating

80% of his brain was damaged, but it’s not stopping him from making progress.

Ohio teen makes miraculous recovery 7 months after brutal baseball bat beating
Today, Marcus Bailey is smiling and slowly regaining his independence after a random attack left him with a traumatic brain injury. (Source: WTVG)

SWANTON, Ohio (WTVG) - It’s been a long and painful seven months for 16-year-old Marcus Bailey after his life was drastically changed late last year.

Marcus was walking along Main Street in Toledo on a December evening when a group of men got out of a vehicle and beat him with a baseball bat he was carrying. Investigators said it was a random attack.

Marcus suffered damage to 80% of his brain as part of a traumatic brain injury.

After months of rehab, he can now walk with assistance from his mom and he's showing other positive signs of recovery.

“Not only is he saying words, he’s saying sentences. He’s singing words to songs. He will sing a whole song,” Shelley Bailey told WTVG.

It's a recovery no one expected.

“The prognosis was as poor as you could possibly get and that he’d most likely be vent-dependent for the rest of his life,” Bailey said.

Marcus is now back at home which is newly handicap accessible thanks to a donated ramp.

“It gives him so much more freedom and independence to be able to just come and go as he pleases,” his mom said.

There’s a long road ahead for Marcus while his brain continues to change and rewire.

The family still needs some help for other improvements that will help Marcus continue in his recovery. A GoFundMe page has been set up to help with the costs.

Terry Pearson, 18, was arrested for the assault on Marcus and pleaded guilty in May. In June, he was sentenced to eight years in prison.

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