29 cats mauled by pit bulls at Ala. animal shelter

29 cats mauled by pit bulls at Ala. animal shelter
Twenty-nine cats were mauled by pit bulls at the Dothan Animal Shelter.

DOTHAN, Ala. (WTVY/Gray News) – Workers at the Dothan Animal Shelter were startled when they reported to work Thursday. They found 29 dead cats, attacked by pit bulls also housed at the shelter.

“Those dogs forced their way out of a pen," said Bill Banks, the shelter director. “They pushed hard enough, that they pushed this metal bar, this flat galvanized bar, out of the clamp.”

The two dogs then mauled the cats.

“These dogs just went on a rampage," Banks said.

City Commissioner Beth Kenward blames the incident on an outdated shelter and believes the city should have done something about the facility long ago.

Mayor Mark Saliba agrees, and said a new shelter is overdue.

The mayor, Kenward, and other commissioners recently made a new animal shelter a capital improvement priority. Right now, it's an idea that needs boosting or, more to the point, funding.

The hope is to form a public-private partnership to pay for the multi-million dollar facility. Not only must financing be secured, but land is also needed. Three to five acres would be ideal.

Kenward believes now is the time to get involved.

“We need business owners, private entities, humane societies, animal rights groups, and others to partner with us on this,” she said.

She and Saliba hope a board will be created to oversee the shelter, now operated by the Dothan Police Department. The mayor wants Houston County and others to share in the cost.

“This commitment is there and I think we all realize the time is now. Whatever we do, it is going to be a nice shelter,” Saliba said.

While he and Kenward are saddened about the mauling of the 29 cats, they hope the tragedy will inspire interest in the new animal shelter.

Banks said the pit bulls had been brought to the shelter Wednesday after they were found roaming.

A decision has not been made about what to do with the dogs, but Banks said he can’t see them being put in a position where they can harm again.

He said staff and volunteers at the shelter, some possibly traumatized, will be offered counseling.

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