Demolition to begin across Columbus for several properties to be torn down

Demolition to begin across Columbus for several properties to be torn down

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - On July 31, residents will begin to see mobile home trailer parks and houses being demolished across Columbus.

This is due to Columbus City Council investing $1 million into the Columbus Codes and Inspections Department to combat run down and vacant properties.

“When I came in in 2016, I honestly didn’t know how big of a problem this was,” said Codes and Inspections Director John Hudgison.

Wednesday, Hudgison invited the public to a Facebook live session to explain the process going forward. There are 156 buildings on the demolitions list, and the steps are now being taken to choose which buildings will be demolished in the first wave.

“Any of those 156 we can pluck and say let’s go to council, but we tried to focus on the ones that had the criminal issues. We’ve seen the ones on police reports. We’ve seen the ones that had structural damage that had been burned down. We tried to get any that are in proximity of schools. We don’t want anything happening around schools,” said Hudgison.

The Grand Oak Estates project is the first to be completed before Codes and Inspections go to council with more than 20 cases of house demolitions to present on August 13. In September, there will be another wave of 25 buildings presented that overall could result in more than 50 homes demolished in a two to three-month time span.

Mobile home parks are first on the list for demolition and then the city will move to abandoned homes and buildings.

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