Snake snared in black widow’s web on Texas family’s patio

Run for your lives

Snake snared in black widow’s web on Texas family’s patio
Donna Wright Marrs discovered the snake snared in the spider's web and snapped this photo. (Source: Donna Wright Marrs)

NAVARRO COUNTY, Texas (KWTX) - It’s something straight out of a sci-fi horror movie: Reptile vs. arachnid.

A Texas family captured the classic battle between a snake and a spider on their patio this week.

Donna Wright Marrs went to her daughter's home Monday morning in southwest Navarro County.

As she was taking her twin, 16-month-old grandsons outside to play, she was stunned to see the snake in the black widow's web under a patio chair.

"Thankfully they weren’t outside yet, but were on their way out to play," Marrs said. "Unfortunately these two fun-killers were already outside."

She believes the snake was bitten by the spider and was paralyzed in the web.

A female black widow can grow to about 1.5 inches including leg span and its bite is as much as 15 times more potent than a rattlesnake's, experts say

"I've never seen anything like it," said Marrs. "I killed the spider and got the snake off the patio and as far away as possible."

Before the battle was over, she and her daughter snapped some photos and videos and posted them on social media to warn others.

One video was jokingly captioned, "Just burn the house down."

"All the boys' toys are out there on the patio, so I'm just glad they didn't find it before I did," Marrs said. "Be sure and check outside toys before the kids head outside!"

Marrs opted to take the boys to the park instead.

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