Alabama Attorney General’s Office warning of car warranty scams

Updated: Jul. 26, 2019 at 8:07 PM EDT
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MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WSFA) - The Alabama Attorney General’s Office is warning the public about an increase in car warranty scams.

Over the past year, the Better Business Bureau received more than 500 complaints about companies offering extended vehicle warranties.

How the scam works is simple.

“You see a local phone number and answer it thinking it’s someone local when it’s really someone in some location outside of Alabama," said Alabama Assistant Attorney General Michael Dean.

If you pick up, a representative will answer and ask you for the make, model and year of your car.

“Don’t give out any personal information. That’s the information that scammers can use to steal your identity, or steal from you," said Dean.

You will then be told that your car’s warranty is about to expire and the representative will pressure you to act immediately. Don’t.

“The scammers will pressure you to buy a warranty that day, assuring you that the offer is only valid only during that phone call," said Dean.

“A lot of times, what happens is, you just bought a vehicle, or you bought a used vehicle, and within a few days, you get a call saying, ‘Would you like to purchase this vehicle warranty?’" said AARP Associate Director of Communication Evey Owen.

To avoid being scammed, Owen said it’s vital that you don’t give out your personal information.

“Don’t ever give out your personal information over the phone. Don’t give out your bank account information, don’t give out your social security number or your address," Owen said.

Better yet, don’t answer phone calls from unknown numbers in the first place.

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