Columbus residents report discolored water, CWW responds

Columbus residents report discolored water, CWW responds

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - After a water main break on Friday, some Columbus residents have reported yellow or discolored water coming from their faucets.

According to the Columbus Water Works(CWW), a water main broke on Friday evening causing outages in the Lakebottom and Uptown areas. The break also led to flooding and traffic issues near the area of Wynnton Road.

Officials say the broken main has been repaired, but that water may be temporarily discolored as crews work to clear sediment and air out of the lines.

CWW advises customers with discolored water to wait until the water is clear before using for drinking. If the water is already clear then it is drinkable.

Below is a statement from Columbus Water Works on the issue:

"Our crews have completed the repair on the broken water main. Additional work to clear sediment and air out of the lines is ongoing by flushing hydrants in the affected areas. As a result of this cleaning and clearing of lines, some customers may experience temporary discolored water. Customers are advised to run their faucets until the water is clear. Water should clear throughout the afternoon and evening. If customers continue to experience discolored water, call CWW at 706-649-3400. Emergency after hours crews are available and will respond as quickly as possible. CWW thanks our customers for their patience and understanding"

Vic Burchfield, Columbus Water Works Vice President

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