UPDATE: Man dies after shooting in Sumter Co., GBI investigating

Man dies after shooting in Sumter Co., GBI investigating

SUMTER CO., Ga. (WALB) - One man was shot and bled to death Sunday in Sumter County, according to Sheriff Pete Smith.

Sheriff Smith says he doesn’t believe charges will be filed.

He says “none that we can see with our investigation, with the GBI’s investigation.”

He says that is up to the District Attorney’s office to make that decision and we will not know for sure until next week.

Smith told WALB that George Ritch McCutchen, 77, was shot on Edgewood Drive in the Dixie Hills neighborhood around 5 p.m.

According to Deputy Coroner Jame Green, McCutchen’s body is at the Georgia Bureau of Investigation’s (GBI) Crime Lab.

The GBI is investigating after the shooter claimed that McCutchen wrote his wife a letter from the Crisp County Jail, telling her he would come to visit her once he got out, Smith said.

Smith said McCutchen was in jail for aggravated stalking.

The shooter said his wife told him not to come but he showed up anyway after he was released, Smith continued.

The shooter claims he confronted McCutchen while he was standing on their driveway, Smith reports.

Smith said the shooter claims he fired a warning shot in the ground but McCutchen continued to approach him and he shot him in the leg.

Green said it does appear that McCutchen bled to death at the scene, but an autopsy by the GBI will confirm exactly how he died.

Smith said a Georgia State Patrol trooper arrived on scene and attempted to give McCutchen CPR, but he passed away by the time the ambulance arrived.

Smith adds “It’s a sad situation and I hate it for both parties involved. I hate it anytime anybody is killed.”

No one has been charged, Smith told WALB.

This is still an active and ongoing GBI investigation.

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