Okla. woman caught on camera throwing puppy into dumpster

OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. (KFOR/CNN) - Investigators in Oklahoma are looking for a woman who was caught on surveillance camera throwing a puppy into a dumpster at an apartment complex and walking away.

“I saw a female lady that had taken a dog by the neck and had walked it across the parking lot, carrying it, and chucked it into the dumpster,” said C.R. Head, the property manager of Red Rose Apartments in northwest Oklahoma City.

He was shocked when he went back to look at the surveillance video from last week.

“It’s very disturbing, you know. They left it there for approximately 10 to 15 minutes, crawled back in the dumpster, threw the dog back on the ground,” said Head.

Police were called and they arrived a short time later. But since there was no dog in the dumpster, no official report was made.

“That people would be here doing that, not only to an animal, what if they treat another human being like that? It’s not a good combination,” said Head.

Oklahoma Animal Welfare said this was a clear instance of animal cruelty.

“This is something our officers will be investigating, and there is potential for even felony level cruelty,” said Animal Welfare Superintendent Ion Gary. “Obviously, that’s a very cruel act.”

The apartment manager says the woman tossing the puppy into the bin is related to a woman who lives in the complex.

“I don`t want anything like that going on here. We want a safe environment here for the people that live here,” Head said.

Management says they want to work with Oklahoma Animal Welfare to make sure there is justice for this disturbing act.

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