ALEA will be adding more troopers to the road

I-65: Deadliest road in Alabama

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - A new study says what many of us already know. I-65 is the deadliest road in the state of Alabama.

Using The National Highway Safety Administration numbers between 2015 to 2017, 83 people died on that section of the interstate.

Driving on I-65 can be pleasant, but at other times it can be hectic and even dangerous if drivers don’t pay attention to speed limits or the road. Birmingham drivers know it’s a problem.

“Distracted drivers. See a lot of people talking on the phone. They are texting. Doing all sorts of things other than paying attention to the road... and speeding,” James Mapson said.

“When I get out there I see drunk drivers. People swerving all over the area. Too much traffic. People on their phones. It’s just bad,” Quandarius Johnson said.

Alabama State Troopers agree. The Alabama Law Enforcement Agency will be getting another $5.5 million to add 50 new troopers in the future. This year will see four trooper classes graduate.

Troopers suggest slowing down. Teen drivers are more at risk during what is called the 100 Deadliest Days between Memorial Day to Labor Day.

Drivers said they agree Alabama needs more troopers.

“More patrols, and I think they should enforce the cell phone law to stop distracted driving,” Mapson said.

"Most of the drivers need to put their phones down and focus on the road. That is the main thing that needs to happen, and they need more patrols out there,” Johnson said.

It has been a busy year for state troopers so far. There have been 19,000 accidents, 309 fatalities, 242 in the vehicles with seat belts, but 132 people were not wearing seat belts.

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