Amazing video: Customers tackle gun-toting convenience store robbery suspect

6 joined in the takedown

PHOENIX (KNXV/CNN/Gray News) – With lives in the balance, convenience store customers tackled and disarmed a would-be robber, who had already shot another customer in the head.

A video of the incident from May 2018 was released Tuesday by the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office.

Suspect Joel McClain Carson charges into the store wielding a gun, a weapon police say the 53-year-old felon had recently stolen.

Carson ambushed Efran Hernandez, shooting him in the head.

After the gunfire, there was chaos.

One cashier army-crawled to safety, while Carson screamed at another employee to lock the doors.

He quickly rounded up customers in the store, forcing his hostages into a corner.

After four minutes, Carson is seen strutting around with a soda in his hand.

That's when one man attacks, wrestling with the gunman as his weapon misfires.

The other customers quickly join him in the takedown.

With Carson disarmed and subdued, the six hostages run out of the store. One store employee remained hidden in a back room.

A hostage negotiator talks with Carson for nearly an hour on the phone before a SWAT team makes its move, bursting through the front door and firing on the cowering suspect.

Carson was wounded and spent a week in the hospital.

Hernandez, the man he shot, didn’t make it to the hospital alive.

Authorities say Carson admitted to the shooting, telling them he “wanted police to kill him.”

He’s charged with first-degree murder, kidnapping and aggravated assault.

His case hasn’t gone to trial yet.

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