Columbus family seeking justice after 70-year-old found murdered and locked in her shed

Columbus family seeking justice after 70-year-old found murdered and locked in her shed

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - It’s been one month since a Columbus grandmother was shot and killed outside her own home.

“We’re all shaken by what happened. The killer could still be walking around in the area,” said one community member who wished to remain anonymous.

It happened in the 2800 block of Luckie Street where 70-year-old Chong Dyer was found suffering from multiple gunshot wounds.

“There’s just so much chaos and disbelief. We’re still in disbelief because we could not believe somebody would do this to her,” said the victim’s daughter-in-law, Nicole Dills.

“I had just seen her that morning. I left her house between 12:45 p.m. and 1 p.m. She was fine when I left. My son called and was panicking later that day saying he couldn’t find my mother,” said James Dills, Dyer’s son.

Family members said police notified them that Dyer was found locked in a storage shed behind her home. There was no trace of a suspect.

“We’re trying to pick up the pieces and we have no idea where to go and what to do,” said Nicole Dills. The family said Dyer was born in South Korea and moved to Columbus nearly 40 years ago. She lived in her home for nearly 30 years.

“She shed a light on everyone who knew her. She would make sure you never went hungry and everyone who came in contact with her loved her,” said James Dills.

Both neighbors and Dyer’s family said they’re hoping they can get justice for their loved one and their friend. “We’re hoping people would step up and say that could have been my mother, aunt, or grandmother. We don’t want anybody walking around the community like this,” said Nicole Dillis.

Police said anyone with information in this case should contact the Columbus Police Department.

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