CWW continues work to fix issues at Muscogee County Jail after water main breaks

CWW continues work to fix issues at Muscogee County Jail after water main breaks

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - Since a recent water main break in Midtown Columbus, the Muscogee County Jail has been experiencing problems with their toilets and showers.

Columbus Water Works officials say they’re working to fix the issues, but the age and type of plumbing in the jail are a key part of the ongoing problems.

Vic Burchfield, Columbus Water Works president, says the water main break caused the pressure of the water at the jail to become extremely low.

That’s what caused showers not to work and toilets to back up, but he says they think they have gotten a hold of the problem.

There was an outpour of water filling the streets Friday evening after a water main break effected the Lake Bottom, Downtown, and Muscogee County Jail areas.

Burchfield says although the problem can be fixed externally, it all depends on the internal plumbing especially in a building like the jail.

“You can have an air lock condition to be created inside the plumbing to where water is air locked, so to speak, and you can also have debris that can clog different portions or fixtures within the private plumbing. So, in this case we suspect a combination of those,” said Burchfield.

People visiting the jail shared their thoughts and what their loved ones experienced.

“He told me that the toilet, he can’s use the bathroom for real. He went to take a shower, it stinks in there and they can’t take a shower,"says Tyquria Sheppard, a jail visitor.

“It can cause contamination. You have a lot of germs and bacteria floating around,”says Cierra Dent, another jail visitor.

The sheriff’s office says their maintenance are working hand in hand with Columbus Water Works to make sure the water pressure is back where it needs to be.

“Those that haven’t generated enough pressure, yet they have generated a water supply so that they can flush the toilets. But it’s nearly resolving itself now with the pressure coming back up,”said Maj. Joe McCrea with theMuscogee County Sheriff’s Office.

Columbus Water Works says anyone who was affected by the water main break and is experience discoloration should let their water run until it’s clear.

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