Driver violated hands-free law by texting about the hands-free law, police say

Hands-free law violation traffic stop

MINNEAPOLIS (Gray News) - As expected. the Eagan Police Department pulled over plenty of drivers Thursday.

Aug. 1 marked the first day of Minnesota’s hands-free law, which made it illegal to hold a phone while driving unless its an emergency.

As one driver learned, texting about the state’s hands-free law does not count as an emergency.

An officer saw a woman texting in the lane next to him, so he pulled her over.

“Are you aware of the hands-free law?” he asked the woman.

“I literally was just talking about it,” she replied.

He asked her if she was texting about the law.

“Yes,” she said, as she started to giggle.

The officer sent her on her way with a $50 ticket. First-time offenders are only required to pay $50, but that sum doesn’t include the court fees.

Police shared dashcam video of the encounter on the department’s Facebook page.

“We appreciate her spreading the word but COME ON,” police wrote.

Legally, Minnesota drivers can only hold their phone to call 9-1-1. Unless the phone is mounted and operated by voice command, any other use is not prohibited.

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