Owner of dogs that mauled shelter cats arrested

Owner of dogs that mauled shelter cats arrested
Kenny Hamilton (Source: Dothan Police Department)

Dothan, Ala. (WTVY) - Last week, animal control officers captured them after they escaped a fenced area at Kenneth Hamilton's Dothan home. After being taken to the city's animal shelter, they escaped their pen.

Using their teeth, the dogs cut through chain link fencing where they mauled 29 cats after the shelter closed for the day.

Police also picked up those same dogs after they got out at Hamilton's home about two months ago. That time, they killed two other cats.

In accordance with city policy, Hamilton paid a fee and promised to keep them secure.

After the mauling of those 29 cats last week, the city refused to return the dogs again. Plans are being made to euthanize them.

However, Hamilton must sign over ownership or a judge would have to condemn the animals before they are euthanized.

The killing of those cats has shined an international spotlight on the Dothan Animal Shelter, a facility some believe should have been rebuilt years ago.

The city recently laid the groundwork for a new shelter, but City Commissioner Beth Kenward said the issue has been ignored far too long.

Others agree.

"It's bad. It's overdue," said Dothan Mayor Mark Saliba. "We are in the process of forming a group that we hope is going to turn into some type of public-private partnership.

However, the proposed multi-million-dollar facility remains on the drawing board.

The charges Hamilton faces are misdemeanors. If convicted, he will likely be fined.

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