Fla. law enforcement officers discover they’re half brothers after DNA test

Florida officer finds long-lost half brother

BOYNTON BEACH, Fla. (WPTV/CNN) – Two Florida law enforcement officers found out they’re more than just brothers in blue.

Orange County Sheriff’s Sgt. David Stull and Boynton Beach Police Officer Eric Reynolds went 50 years without knowing they were half brothers.

Stull knew he was adopted and wanted to check on his health history, so he did a DNA test through 23andMe.

"I wanted to see if I was going to go bald or what potential things were down the road for me," he said.

He knew he might find some family, but he didn’t know he’d find a brother.

"I was expecting to see cousins and stuff like that,” Stull said. “Top of the list it says ‘half brother.’ I'm like, ‘I hadn't considered that possibility.’"

Stull sent an email to Reynolds and the two had an instant connection.

"My wife is just always like, ‘Are you texting your brother again?’ And, ‘Of course, because we’ve got 50 years to make up for,’" he said.

The two share the same father, and a love for law enforcement.

Both men are set to retire soon. They met for the first time on July 20.

"For me, it's really cool. I’ve got a big brother,” Reynolds said. “I never had a big brother. I think back, I wish I had a big brother at some moments of my life when I could have used one."

Stull plans to meet the rest of the Reynolds family, including three more half siblings.

"My birthday was last month, and I figure this is probably the best present I could have gotten," he said.

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