Artist paints 5-story mural in Downtown Columbus

Artist paints 5-story mural in Downtown Columbus

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - An artist painted a new mural in Downtown Columbus.

The five-story mural is painted on the side of Heritage Tower, a building in between 1st Avenue and Broadway along 9th Street.

Building co-owner Ernie Smallman decided to give the building a facelift to attract more people to it. Smallman had plans of repainting the building, so the mural became an attract option.

The mural was painted by Christopher Johnson, an artist and art professor at Andrew College. The mural shows Mrs. Columbus from the fountain at Lenora Sarling Memorial Park along Wynnton Road. The sculpture was erected 90 years ago and is one of the signature pieces in the Fountain City.

“So, this is Mrs. Columbus, the statue that’s at Lanora Sarling Park that’s at the corner of Buena Vista and Wynnton Road. It’s right next to the Columbus Museum. It’s one of the first things that I became acquainted with or that I associated with Columbus. So, it always kind of stuck out to me that she’s moving forward looking back, and this is called Heritage Tower and that’s kind of the idea of Heritage,” said Johnson.

Mrs. Columbus is the largest project Johnson has created.

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