WTVM EDITORIAL 8-7-19: Being a role model

WTVM Editorial 8-7-19: Being a role model

(WTVM) - So many people dream of being a Super Bowl superstar. Others dream of being a game show host or of winning an EMMY as an Outstanding Talk Show host.

Then there are the dreamers who want to write a best-selling book or wish they could create a popular fashion line. Well, one man did all those things.

His name is Michael Strahan. His gap-toothed smile makes him instantly recognizable to millions.

You might see him every day on Good Morning America or later on Strahan and Sara, his afternoon talk show, or his prime time game show, all on ABC.

This giant of a man (he’s 6’5″) was a New York Giant during his NFL days, helping his team win the Super Bowl over the undefeated New England Patriots in 2007.

Strahan brought his very appealing outlook on life to Columbus last week to appear at the annual Bob Wright Symposium on Business Empowerment.

Bob Wright is a Columbus success story himself: he sold a defense-related company he created for over $200 million dollars.

Bob Wright struggled to survive a segregated south in the 1940s and 1950s. He wanted a better life, so he pushed himself to achieve fantastic success. One of his accomplishments was to raise millions for the new National Museum of African American History in Washington, D.C.

Bob Wright is more than a role model. He’s an inspiration.

Just like Wright, Strahan pushed himself early and often to succeed. He told the Columbus audience how important it is to want to be the best.

One of Strahan’s rules in his Book “Wake Up Happy: The Guide to Transforming your Life” is to ask “Am I the best person I hoped I would be? If you want to be more, then you’ve got to do more.”

We have an extended interview with Michael Strahan you can watch by clicking here.

Strahan, who is also a weekend professional football commentator, is everywhere.

That’s part of the secret to his success. Having conquered the world of professional sports, he didn’t sit back and rest on his laurels. He has re-invented himself over and over, increasing his value and keeping himself in demand.

We should all know more about men like Bob Wright and Michael Strahan.

Though they were born in different generations, Wright and Strahan share the same drive and ambition that makes them wonderful role models for all of us.

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