New call center expects to bring 600 jobs to Columbus

New call center expects to bring 600 jobs to Columbus

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - Hundreds of new jobs and an investment into an old grocery store is expected to bring a huge economic impact to Columbus, according to the Columbus Chamber of Commerce.

Global CallCenter Solutions, a customer service company new to Columbus, is expected to revitalize the area near it’s location off Buena Vista Road. The company is on it’s way to hiring 600 employees.

“I think we will be looking at hiring almost every week," said Executive Vice President Megha Heightman. "So, it’s going to be an ongoing process so let’s see about two ,three ,four years to get to the 600 number.”

This kind of hiring is expected to make a multi-million dollar impact on the local community. Brian Sillitto, executive vice president for economic impact at the Columbus Chamber of Commerce, said the people hired here, will be able to spend their paychecks at other places, possibly prompting more jobs and stores opening.

“Whether it’s fast food or auto parts store, there’s a daycare center right there, Synovous has a bank right there. I just see the ripple effect this project will have on the economy. The type of people who are working there are really going to lift that area and that whole part of town," said Silletto.

Heightman said the jobs are all entry level. Starting pay is $9.50 an hour plus bonuses and commission opportunities based on job performance.

“There is an opportunity for growth and promotions here because we do not bring people at the level of supervisors or leaders from outside. We promote from within," she said.

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