Students, parents talk first day of school in Muscogee Co.

Students, parents talk first day of school in Muscogee Co.

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - With a new school year, comes new challenges.

Parents and students in Muscogee County discussed the first day of school and Dr. David Lewis, Muscogee County School District superintendent, discussed late registrations and how things went with travel.

Students and parents are excited about the coming months.

Carpool lines were in full swing.

Columbus High School students said the first day of the new school year went smooth and they’re ready to hop back into the books and activities after summer break.

“It’s going pretty great so far. I mean it was the first day, but I got a lot of friends in my classes and I like most of my teachers so far,”said one Columbus High student.

“My last class was forensics and I just got out of that and it seems pretty fun. I’m pretty excited about it and I’m a cheerleader as well, so I’m excited for the games to get started,”said another Columbus High student.

Parents seemed confident sending their children back to school and are hoping for the best.

“We have a freshman in high school and a senior in high school this year and Muscogee County has always done wonderful things for them and we just can’t wait to see what the whole year brings,”said a MCSD parent.

“I’m really hoping that Muscogee County is going to have a wonderful school year. I know they are implementing so many new things,”said another MCSD parent.

There were some parentswho ran into some problems when it came down to getting registered.

“I’m coming from another school in Lee County so I couldn’t get all my paperwork and stuff until they opened. Now that they are open, I had to go get that paperwork and now I’m having to sit here for three hours,”said a parent.

Lewis said they do provide parents or guardians the opportunity to register year-round.

“This time of year, if you wait until the very day before school or the day of, it’s going to take longer because many people also waited and I want to remind people to register as early as possible,”said Dr. Lewis.

Despite a hectic start last year due to a major shortage in bus drivers, Lewis said they are steadily working to resolve those issues and are running a lot smoother this year.

“We’ve received several emails and phone calls from people who expressed gratitude on the pre-planning and advanced planning that was done to coordinate the bus stops. We had a really good drop off this morning with the exception of some mechanical failures that are expected and some traffic congestions in certain areas of the city,” said Lewis.

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