Big move-in day for Auburn University freshmen

Big move-in day for Auburn University freshmen
About 1,600 students moved in at Auburn University Friday. (Source: WSFA 12 News)

AUBURN, Ala. (WSFA) - In front of the Helen Keller dorm and Owen Hall, there was a method to the madness.

Maureen Young shared a knowing laugh that when freshmen move in, get out of the way.

“And we just want to get them through the line quickly so they can get taken care of before it gets too hot," said Young who is Auburn University’s Residential Housing Assistant Director.

All this energy of unloading and rolling with the flow was mixed excitement and nervousness to begin the new year.

“It’s a little crazy," said 18-year-old Mivi Briley.

Briley and her parents got up long before sunrise and drove in from Birmingham.

“A lot of clothes.. my furniture and bed and stuff," said Briley.

Scenes like this played out all morning at Auburn University’s 32 residential halls.

“We have about 1,600 students moving in today and most of those are first-year students," said Young.

Like Meredith Shanahan of Houston, Texas.

“I think we started at 6:30 and so this is like three hours," said Shanahan.

Parents started lining up at six Friday morning, a line that stretched at least a half-mile to South Donohue and College.

Cathy Ramsey inched along for two hours, but showed the patience of a saint.

Move-in team volunteers were a tremendous help. They worked up a sweat in the morning heat, guided folks where to go and did it all with a touch of humor.

It won’t be long before these very freshmen begin their academic career at Auburn and cheer on the Tigers in Jordan-Hare, but for now they’ll take a breather.

Maureen Young says the university’s next big move-in day is next Thursday. Classes begin on Aug. 19.

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