Beauregard family building their third home after multiple tragedies

Beauregard family building their third home after multiple tragedies

BEAUREGARD, Ala. (WTVM) - A family in Beauregard, Alabama is building their third home on Lee Rd. 38 after a fire and March third’s tornadoes destroyed their home, just 6 months apart.

Jenifer Vernon and Joseph Morgan’s house will hopefully be finished in early September.

They’re excited.

“Just to be back home,” Vernon said.

They moved to this property over nine years ago and at first, lived in a cute, manufactured home.

“It had lots of space to it," Vernon said. "We had two boys at home, plus Morgan, and it fit everybody.”

But then, one day last September, they returned home to find their house up in flames.

“Our house was on fire," Vernon said. "We lost everything and our two puppies.”

They were devastated. From family photos to special family heirlooms, everything they owned was gone.

“That’s the hardest thing, the old, sentimental stuff," Morgan said. "It can’t be replaced. You got memories of it; that’s all you got.”

It was understandably difficult for the family.

"You’re wondering what you’re going to do, how you’re going to start over again,” Morgan said.

They put a new home in the same place and moved in last November. Then in March 3, deadly tornadoes ripped across the landscape of the rural community of Beauregard, killing 23 people.

While this family was safe, when they returned to their property their house was gone.

“I just lost it," Morgan said. "I was devastated.”

Losing their home to the tornadoes was particularly hard.

“With the house fire it was just us," Vernon said. "With the tornado, it was totally different. Everyone was affected in some way.”

But they’re rebuilding again, and this will be the third house they’ve lived in on their property. Some probably wouldn’t consider moving back here again. That’s not the case for this family.

“It’s home," Morgan said. "There’s no such thing as superstition. No one is trying to tell me to leave. It’s a freak of nature, and God has a purpose.”

His wife agreed.

“Don’t you know, third time’s always the charm.”

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