Hot conditions at Columbus High School raise concerns for parents

Hot conditions at Columbus High School raise concerns for parents

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) - School is just getting started for students in Muscogee County, but parents of students at one high school are speaking out about the hot conditions.

Parents say their children are facing such conditions both inside and outside the classroom.

“Its just raises a lot of concerns for children’s health,” says parent Tabitha Torres.

Torres says her daughter goes to Columbus High School. She’s a sophomore. She says for the first time, she got a text message from her daughter telling her that she didn’t feel well at school.

“I texted my mom and told her I’m sweating through my shirt. I got really faint and light headed, and I had a headache. I found it hard to focus,” says Columbus high school student Kristalyn Cordero-Torres.

She’s not the only student.

“I felt like I couldn’t breathe. It was so humid,” says Columbus High student Trinity Prophet.

They say they believe it’s because the air conditioning in the school isn’t working. Students say it hasn’t worked since the first day of school.

“Parents were completely uninformed of this,” says Torres.

“I haven’t received one to let us know that the safety of our children is somewhat in jeopardy,” says parent Brittany Prophet.

The Muscogee County School District says students are not without air conditioning, but the school is experiencing higher than normal temperatures that affected some classroom temperatures. They say the district will continue to adjust temperatures to ensure optimal cooling points.

Students say every day it feels hotter inside the building than outside, and it could be a problem for students with medical conditions.

“It’s torture going through eight hours in this extreme heat,” says Cordero-Torres.

Medical officials at Piedmont Columbus Regional say it could be dangerous for students to be in hot conditions for extended periods of time without the proper fluids.

“Kids go from looking at you and talking to you, to being unconscious and being in significant danger,” says Piedmont physician Dr. Daryl Ellis.

Muscogee County School Board Representative Mark Cantrell says maintenance has notified him of what has caused the problem and that the problem is now fixed.

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